what is google ads

Google Ads was earlier known as Google Adwords but in 2018 Google changed the name of Google Adwords to Google Ads and now it is known as Google AdsAs we know that the main source of income of Google is Google Ads. In 2010, Google earned 28 Billion Dollars from Google Ads, after which its income is continuously increasing.Advertising facilities have been provided on Google Ads like PPC (Per Click Cost), CPM (Click Per Thousand), Text, Banner, Videos Ads etc.You can advertise your services and products on Google Ads very easily according to your budget.You can show Ads (Advertisements) in Youtube Videos, wherever you want in the website, Blogs and Search Engine of the people.It can be said in a simple way that Google Ads does different types of advertisements, Google advertises on its website like Blogger, Youtube as well as on other people’s Self Hosted Websites and Blogs.Google does not take anyone’s help to show ads in Search Engine because Google is a search engine. Advertisements on Google Search Engine are shown with the help of Google’s team and software, so all the money shown on Google Search Engine will be paid to Google.

Get.People who advertise on Google Ads, want to show advertisements on Websites and Blogs in addition to Search Engine, for this, advertisements are also visible on Websites and Blogs of Google logo, for which the owner of Websites and Blogs pays money for advertising. .The best part is that Google never deceives those who advertise their customers. For that Google has made very good terms and conditions.You can also earn money from home by working with Google, for this you should have a website, blog or Youtube channel where you will start advertising people from Google.If you have a blog or website, then you can also earn money by placing advertisements on your blog or website. For this you have to connect your website with Google Adsense.After that Google takes ads from Google Ads and gives it to Adsense, which will be shown on your website and you will get the money.


what is hvac software for small businesses

Here are the top HVAC software options for your small business:
Best for Overall Features: mHelpDesk. Best for Mobile Apps: Service Fusion. Best to Support: FieldEdge. Best for Tracking Technicians: Intuit Field Service Management.