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The Hindi meaning of insurance is insurance, which is a means to deal with any loss or loss that may occur in the future. No one ever knows what is going to happen tomorrow, insurance can cover potential losses in the future. Insurance is actually a contract or contract between the insurer and the person insured to protect against loss due to a risk in the future. When we buy an insurance, we have to pay the installment of a certain amount at a fixed time or many times we have to pay the entire amount in one plan which is mentioned in the written contract with the insurance company. .


Lawyer is called a person who is still engaged in studying law, LLB, this person does not have permission to fight a case in court. Because without full education, registration cannot be done for advocating. However, it is not necessary that any person who has studied law should be an advocate.


Mortgage or mortgage loan is a loan taken against property. In which a person mortgages his property with a financial institution and takes some amount on it as a loan and after paying the loan amount gets back the ownership of his property.



A power of attorney (POA) or letter of attorney is a written document authorizing a person to represent another person for any of his personal business, business or any legal act (ie. act on his behalf).


Which organs can be donated
There are two types of organ donation. First living organ donation and second organ donation after death. In living organ donation, a person can donate some part of kidney and pancreas to help the needy. In organ donation after death, all those organs of the deceased person can be donated which are working properly.

Conference call

Friends, you must have also heard somewhere about what a conference call is. But do you know how to make a conference call. Anyway, the trend of conference calls is going on in today’s time. Everyone wants to talk with their friends by making group calls.